This 2 day event is designed to teach you everything I know! It will be an intense two day workshop to fill your minds with 16 years of information that has helped me become a multi-millionaire with assets exceeding 8 figures.

This mastermind will cover ALL the strategies, techniques, scripts, processes and more that will propel you to the next level. After you attend this 2 day event you will be equipped to start implementing the strategies taught to start building your own real estate empire.

The Work Shop!

You will learn how to find deals. I have a lot of trade secrets and strategy I use to find deals on and off market. Upon learning these strategies, you should become an expert at finding deals. These principals and strategies can work in any state and most countries around the world. 

You will learn the art of whole selling (buying and selling property with no cash), the renovation process of property and how to maximize profit with minimal investment, the art of building a rental portfolio (residential/commercial), tax sales, foreclosures, short sales, estate sales, probate sales, bankruptcy deals, acquiring off market deals, winning on market deals at heavy discounts (even when they have multiple offers higher than yours), land development, new construction (residential/commercial), financing deals (commercial/ residential), structuring deals (residential and commercial), multifamily, and many other tools/resources to turn you into a real estate mogul. 

You will have access to your peers in the workshop! We only accept people that are the best of the best, so it will be an amazing networking opportunity. 

Ride Along! 

We will take a bus tour and go into the field. You will have a hands on experience and see with your own eyes what makes me such a successful rehabber. You will see from start to finish what I do to get the properties up to speed and ready to sell for big profits. You will see how I renovate rental properties, verus properties to sell.  

You will learn the price chart of rehabbing. How much should be spent on each item so you don’t over pay in the future. (VIP Members will get access to all my contacts for their future projects as well as my pricing). 

Let’s go into more detail about some of the subjects you will be taught: 

1. – Whole Selling

This strategy I teach will allow you to buy property without using your own cash and sell that same property to another person or entity at a profit. This strategy alone has helped hundreds of my mentees in the program achieve financial freedom since they can do this strategy with no out-of-pocket expense! 

Most of these deals will be done via assignment contracts, double closings or simultaneous closings.  These methods work in virtual all states and most countries. 

2. –  Renovation of a Property

You will be taught how to locate a good deal and then renovate it effectively to maximize profit. You will learn how much things should cost so that you will not be taken advantage of from contractors. It is important that you understand what is necessary to go in the property versus what is optional. This will be essential in maximizing your profit upon exit of every deal. Most people fail in rehabbing because they over spend. Is this program it is important for you to understand what to spend money on, and what not to spend money on. 

Other Course Material Covered:

  1. Off market deal acquisition 
    1. You will learn a variety of ways to find deals off market. These deals will then be used to wholesale for profit, buy to renovate to sell for profit, hold for rental purposes or hold to actually live in. The sky is the limit. 
  2. ON market deal negotiation 
    1. You will learn how to put bids on properties and rarely lose. You will learn how to win bids over competitors that are paying higher than you. You will learn how to make money, where you thought you couldn’t. You will learn how to make profits on what are supposed to be losses. You will learn how to win bids that have over 60 offers and still pay less than the highest bidders! These methods alone will prove to be extremely profitable if executed consistently utilizing various tools learned in mastermind. 
  3. Financing Deals
    1. How to use hard money loans
    2. How to use conventional loans 
    3. How finance residential new construction projects
    4. How to finance commercial real estate projects
    5. How to build commercial projects and the processes that go along with it.  
      1. Multifamily, shopping centers, hotels, mix-use developments and more. 
  4. You will learn the ends and outs of Tax Sales, Foreclosures, Auctions, Probate sales, Real Estate Contracts, and more! 

If you are ready to make more money than you ever have APPLY HERE! 

We ONLY have 40 Seats available for this mastermind. 

Justin Giles

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