Thank you for inquiring about the mentorship program!

I must say this is one of my greatest achievements. This program has helped so many people change their lives by building wealth in real estate investing. From the alumni of the program to the current members I couldn’t be prouder of them all. It truly takes a village to be successful and this program brings in all of those elements.

Upon Joining

Initially, you will learn how to find deals. I have a lot of trade secrets and strategy I use to find deals on and off market. As a result, upon joining you will sign a contract/NDA so you cannot share these strategies with anyone. Upon learning these strategies you should become an expert at finding deals. These principals and strategies can work in any state and most countries around the world. 

My team and I will help you execute 2 deals* of your choosing. We will assist you by using my expertise, invaluable resources and contacts where needed to maximize your profitably on each project. You will learn the art of whole selling (buying and selling property with no cash), the renovation process of property and how to maximize profit with minimal investment, the art of building a rental portfolio (residential/commercial), tax sales, foreclosures, short sales, estate sales, probate sales, bankruptcy deals, acquiring off market deals, winning on market deals at heavy discounts, land development, new construction (residential/commercial), financing deals (commercial/ residential), structuring deals (residential and commercial), multifamily, and many other tools/resources to turn you into a real estate mogul. 

You will have access to my contractors, lenders and other contacts that I personally use. You will get the exact same pricing I personally get from my contacts I have built over the past 20 years for all of your renovation projects (priceless).  You will have access to my buyers lists of over 50,000 people to help you sell your deals. You will have access to your peers in the program, the Shared Capital Program (detailed further down) to access additional funds if you are short on cash, group activities, workshops and more.

You will receive exclusive concierge from my inhouse staff for all of your investing needs. This same staff will also list and sell your deals at minimal commission to maximize your returns (as long as we are licensed in your state, if not we will refer a partner to assist). All my staff are experienced and licensed real estate professionals, so they will be at your disposal for writing contracts when needed to facilitate your deals.

Let’s go into more detail about some of the subjects you will be taught and how you will be assisted in executing these strategies within the 1 on 1 program:

Option 1. – Whole Selling

This strategy will allow you to buy property without using your own cash and sell that same property to another person or entity at a profit.  My staff will assist you in locating buyers for the deals you find. You will have access to our buyer’s network to help you sell the deals. You will also be taught how to build your own network of buyers so you will not need to depend on anyone to sell your deals for you. This strategy alone has helped countless mentees in the program achieve financial freedom since they can do this strategy with no out-of-pocket expenses! 

Our staff will recommend the preferred title companies/closing firms to facilitate the execution of these deals. Most of these deals will be done via assignment contracts, double closings or simultaneous closings. 

Option 2. – Renovation of a Property

You will be taught how to locate a good deal and then renovate it effectively to maximize profit. You will learn how much things should cost so that you will not be taken advantage of from contractors. You will also be provided with a large list of contractors, lenders, lawyers, suppliers, realtors and other resources you may need to expedite the buying, rehabbing and exiting process of your deal. Clients are welcome to hire their own contractors.  You will be taken out in the field to see firsthand how to renovate a home from start to finish. If you are not local this will be done virtually. It is important that you understand what is necessary to go in the property versus what is optional. This will be essential in maximizing your profit upon exit of every deal. Most people fail in rehabbing because they over spend. Is this program it is important for you to understand what to spend money on, and what not to spend money on. 

When your rehab is finished you can choose to sell it to make a profit or I will teach you how to keep it as a rental property and collect passive income. Some mentees even find their dream homes doing this and move in them. 

Other Course Material Covered:

1. Off market deal acquisition

a. You will learn a variety of ways to find deals off market. These deals will be then used for you to wholesale for profit, buy to renovate to sell for profit, hold for rental purposes or hold to actually live in. The sky is the limit. 

2. ON market deal negotiation 

a. You will learn how to put bids on properties and rarely lose. You will learn how to win bids over competitors that are paying higher than you. You will learn how to make money, where you thought you couldn’t. You will learn how to make profits on what are supposed to be losses. You will learn how to win bids that have over 60 offers and still pay less than the highest bidders! These methods alone will prove to be extremely profitable if executed consistently utilizing various tools learned in the program.

3. Financing Deals

a. How to use hard money loans
b. How to use conventional loans 
c. How finance residential new construction projects
d. How to finance commercial real estate projects
e. How to build commercial projects and the processes that go along with it.
f. Multifamily, shopping centers, hotels, mix-use developments and more.

4. You will learn the ends and outs of Tax Sales, Foreclosures, Auctions, Probate sales, Real Estate Contracts, and more!

Other Program Perks!
1. Lenders

Being in the program you will have access to lenders that will give you loans pretty much regardless of your situation. YES! That is powerful! That means if you have horrible credit, no proof of income and other crazy situations I can still more than likely get you a loan. This works because of my track record that I have built with these various institutions. However, these loans only work given you put down 20% of the purchase price plus closing costs. However, I do not guarantee that my lenders will give you a loan for every situation. 

If you do not have credit issues, I have a large network of private lenders and institutional lenders for you to choose from that can help you leverage and finance your deals. There are so many programs for you to choose from and we can go over that when you join the program. 

2. The Shared Capital Program

Since the program has started, many of the mentees have pooled their money together to acquire deals. Seeing how well this has worked, I have created a spreadsheet of mentees that are open to partnering with other mentees. This spreadsheet contains the names, phone numbers, email addresses and specific amounts of cash each respective mentee participating is willing to share with another mentee to take down a deal. This allows members to be able to buy deals they typically would have passed on due to lack of cash. 

If you do choose to partner with your peers, that partnership will have to be structured between you and the partnering members. I will not give advice on how you split your profits or setup your partnerships in any form or fashion. 

3. Your Village

One of the most important parts of the mentorship program is the networking. You will meet your peers. The network of people in the program stretches around the nation and various parts of the world. You will be connected with people in various businesses and organizations that are like minded and serious about making profits. There have been many partnerships and friendships developed from this program, so I urge you to take full advantage of this. 

You will be connected with your peers through our what’s app group, in office meetings, virtual meeting, field days, company functions and other events. 

4. Information Distribution

You will receive your information through the following channels:

  • Communication with me directly, in person or over the phone. (Business days only between 9am and 6pm).
  • My office staff. They are available to answer any and all question Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm EST.
  • Office meetings where I teach you all as a group. These meetings can be attended in person or virtually to accommodate anyone around the world. Additionally, office meetings are video recorded and uploaded to your portal within 48hrs of meeting.
  • You will have access to an online portal that is updated frequently with video tutorials of investment strategies that I use myself.
  • Field days for those that can attend. I will personally be in the field doing deals and renovating property. Those that want to tag along to learn 1st hand are more than welcome. Most of these field days will also be live streamed via zoom and recorded so the session can be uploaded to the video portal for those that could not attend in person.
  • Lastly, we have company functions to get all program members together to network and just have fun.
5. Contacts

Since I have been in the business since 2006 I have developed an array of contacts. These contacts are lenders, project managers, investors to buy your deals, hedge funds, contractors, suppliers, lawyers, CPAs, general contractors, the list goes on. This vast network of contacts alone and the power behind their abilities makes the mentorship program priceless.

6. Staff

We have a dedicated staff to assist all 1 on 1 mentorship program members with all their needs. The staff is available from 9am -6pm Eastern Standard time. This includes me. 

Our office is open from 9am -6pm Monday –Friday. You are welcome to come into the office anytime and employ the strategies you are taught on site. You will find all that you need within our facility to help you succeed. If you are out of state our staff and myself are available virtually. 

Lastly, it is very important that you understand this program does not work unless you put in the work. DO NOT join this program if you are lazy. You MUST be a go getter and discipline. The methods you will learn work virtually everywhere, and you can do if from anywhere in the world. So there is no excuse about having a lack of time. You can do this in the smallest amount of time, in any time zone. So no excuses! These methods are very straight forward and our systems in place will make the process very efficient for you to start earning profits.  

I look forward to your bright future!


Justin Giles